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  • Support

Does your computer crash or act strange? We can solve your computer problems.

  • Maintenance

Your computer is important to you, but you are not sure what maintenance operations to perform, or you don't want to bother with them. We offer regular (preventive) maintenance solutions for your computer – update of Windows and all critical software, hard disk cleanup and defragmentation, virus and spyware detection… Whether you are an individual or a company, several solutions are possible, depending on your budget.

  • Security

You know your computer is at risk. We can give you security advice and install or update antivirus, firewall, or anti-spyware software.

  • Advice

We can give you information so you can make the right software or hardware decisions.

We can either come to your home or office, you can bring your computer to our shop for a fixed price. Please call to make an appointment before bringing the computer.

  • Remote maintenance or remote assistance

For maintenance operations or small problems, we can help you from our shop by remotely operating your computer (this is called remote maintenance or remote assistance). You can follow the intervention on the phone if you wish. This type of intervention does not require installing any software, and the connexion is encrypted.
For more information, please visit our Remote maintenance page.